Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finding A Rooster In Downtown Victoria

The "Polka"

            So there are some things that make me reminisce about the wayward way that I spent my younger years. Now I am not talking about some sweet memory of being hugged by someone I love and told that I am indeed a good person. This is more a memory of stumbling out of a bar at 2:30 in the morning, feeling fuzzy and knowing that if I don’t find something to eat I will truly die. My friends who are at my side are feeling the same way. We breech the door and our eyes fall upon what looks like a hotdog cart and we share a collective smile. But something is not what we expected, something is amiss. As we approach the cart there is the unmistakable smell of frying onions and bacon. My God this cart was serving Perogies. With a sort of manic glee we dove into bowls of fried dough, potatoes, cheese and sour cream. It was glorious.

            So Toby and I are walking downtown and he tells me we should check out this new coffee shop that just opened up. Needing caffeine something fierce I say that I am game. As we approach the shop we see a massive green food truck. Needing an infusion of wakefulness we stroll on past though I will admit my curiosity was piqued. We slammed down some espresso and decided to check out the truck. We checked out the menu and I felt my heart jump. It was a perogie truck. Awesome. We resolved to return and that was easily the best decision that we made that day.

            I am not the kind of guy that really raves about a lot of things when it comes to eating out; however, you my people, need to check out the Hungry Rooster. Toby and I called Tiff, my friend and Toby’s lady fair and she met up with us to give the Hungry Rooster a shot. Questions rocketed through my head, would this joint live up to the booze induced glory of the perogie stand of my college days. The Hungry Rooster kicked that memory’s ass. We all tried something different and it was all amazing. Toby opted for the traditional “Polka” a plate of perogies with all of the fixings which included, to Toby’s delight, cabbage. Tiff went with the “Poutinka” a crazy and awesome version of poutine with deep fried perogies and wonderful miso gravy. And finally I myself decided on a glorious, and I do mean glorious, thing called the “Slapdown” a perogie filled grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and onions. We snapped pictures like it was Christmas morning and then dove into the food. Sweet mother Mary it was good.
The "Slapdown"

            As if the food wasn’t enough to make you want to check this rolling joint out, which it should be, the two ladies who were manning the truck were amazing. Paulina and Janelle were great. Sharing a little bit of what they were doing and why, they made the visit even more enjoyable. The service was better than I normally get in sit down restaurants. The prices are more than reasonable and the food is awesome, and I could go on and on. So I will leave it at this, you need to check this place out. I want to keep eating there so we all need to support it. If not for Paulina and Janelle, then for Johnny and his love for perogies and all things perogie related.
The "Poutinka"

            You can find the truck on Courtney St. across from the Sticky Wicket, like them on Facebook: Hungry Rooster food truck, or follow them on Twitter, @hungry_rooster. Throw some support their way my Lovlies.  

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  1. Yeah... my Polish friends are melting hearts already and satisfying hungry bellies!!! Soon, everyone in Victoria will be perogy addict! All the best!!!